René is a Belgian based clothing label dedicated to contemporary subcultures and visual art, founded in 2019 by Brecht Van Assche & Jonathan Bizindavyi. Much of the first project‘s narrative is told by the name of our label. René, derived from ‘renaître’, is based on the principle of giving clothes a second life. It unites creativity and sustainability by adding a new identity and design to second-hand clothes. Inspired by the original piece and using leftover materials, René creates one of a kind pieces that embodies its ideals, values and sense of aesthetics. 

We present René as an accessible label, where individuals with related ambitions can identify with. We value the tactile experience that connects with us through a sensation and creates tangible memories that transcend time. With our projects we would mainly seek to project a sense of infatuation, an expression of extreme love or admiration that we believe is one of the most beautiful feelings ever, exactly because it is so new and unknown. This would initially be created by using clothing, visuals and music as a vehicle and in later stages a platform that connects the ideas of individuals in a way that is generated in a warm-hearted society. 

René aims to provide a first step to circular fashion. This constant is in line with our purpose to celebrate individuality without overlooking the common good. 

A work in progress that we’ll continue to embrace, with the aim of having the lowest possible impact on the environment, especially with it’s rapid decay and to support local businesses who contribute to the growth and well-being of a community. These values will be used as a guide in current and future projects such as our face masks, made from high-end leftover garments and our organic T-shirt collaboration that expresses local artists’ unique craft. Transparency is essential. We evaluate our process on the basis of closing the loop by Flanders DC. These principles are a guide for the industry towards a circular model, with a sustainable way of working as the norm. 

Our journey gives you insight into the phases of the circular model we have included thus far in our projects. 

René vintage hand-picked and upcycled items

Our first project engages in the vintage scene and unites creativity and sustainability. It comes with a selection of handpicked items that resonate with the look and feel of René and limited capsule collections that adds a new identity and design to the second hand clothes.

Face masks from high end textile residuals

In April we started experimenting with reusable face masks recycled from high end textile residuals that come from a local distributor. They comply with the safety standards, come in a limited colorway and are made after each order. This with the focus on quality-based rather than time-based products, considering our consumer behaviour.

Organic T-shirt collaboration with local artists

To create a canvas for art and design we launch a third project with 100% organic & peta vegan approved T-shirts. In a limited edition we’ll launch the T-shirts in collaboration with local artists to exhibit their distinctive style or present self-made designs. The garments, that are quality screened on shrinkage & durability, are unisex and will be hand crafted or printed ecologically with water based ink at a local printing company.

Delivery and Handling

All our items come in recycled packaging and we vary in delivery options, whereas local orders can be picked up or delivered by bike.

For us, contributing in art & design while having a socially responsible approach is the norm, when overlooking this endeavor, it’s a step back. With a shift in perspective from large impact to numerous small contributions, we embrace the collective effort. Constantly looking to improve, we’re always open to ideas and suggestions to create something worthwhile.  For more information, questions, collaboration requests, suggestions & ideas contact and connect with us. 

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