Hanne Beullens (1992) is a graphic designer who lives in Leuven. She has a master degree in fine art and started working as a designer in 2015.

Her abstract graphic work is the result of a constant experimentation with shapes, textures and bold colors. Her visual world combines the admiration for futurism, purity and the incomprehensible. She’s always looking for unique work that can speak to the viewers emotions. She loves creating a visual interpretation around a specific concept, feeling or statement. She combines her abstract shapes with experimental typography.


Madagascar is a very personal visual interpretation of her 3 weeks travel through the beautiful country. She started with a travel journal, but realized it would be much more interesting as a designer to make it into a visual journal.

She created custom made letters to represent all her visual interpretations. The letters are playful, fluent and diverse. It was necessary to match the letters, but to make sure each letter had his own style. She worked with her own photographs and was able to make her own visual style to represent the color and shapes of her journey. She was inspired by the sympathetic and open people, the deep and rich color palettes of the landscapes and houses.

| 12/05/2022 — René Journal |


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As we’re getting used to these times of serenity, we’d like to bring you some delight with a selection from Mano & Jonathan that seamlessly transitions from genre-bending tracks to lofi-recordings. Do not shuffle, just veg out!

| 04/05/2020 — René Journal |

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| 25/03/2020 — René Journal |

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Besides the collection, the evening was aesthetically decorated by the visual art of 4 of our good friends, Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle, Maarten De Laet, Silke Rys and Sebastian Schaevers. Ines, our talented House photographer, visualized our collection with analog images as well as magnificent buildings around Paris and Brussels. Maarten’s promising work, focused on the concept of escapism and the surrealistic elements that surround this subject. Silke Rys designs functional art, with the focus on textile and carpet art, that blends seamlessly with every surrounding. We also displayed our first capsule video shot by Sebastian Schaevers, a multitalented camera operator from Belgium. The pictures displayed in the article are the work of Mart Heylen. She captured the evening with its many interesting encounters and aesthetically pleasing set-up. She is an up-and-coming photographer, whose craft is as inspiring as her personal journey. As we applaud aspiring creatives, we want to share her work on our journal. Go take a look on her social platform: JuleMart.fotografie

The atmosphere was musically complemented and enriched by the selection of funky grooves and Housey Beats from Mano Jai & Adrian Baiets, two unconditional brothers who’ve supported us since the beginning. With all these pieces coming together we look back with gratitude at this touching experience.

At this moment the pause button has been pressed in society. The current pandemic impacts our lives in various ways. Through different communication channels we hear people spreading awareness about the common health, the load on necessary services that are still active and the financial hardships many of us are confronted with. Furthermore, these times of isolation limit us in our ability to work, to engage and have social freedom. However, for a fortunate part of the population it also eases the daily grind and gives us the opportunity for self-reflection.

| 22/03/2020 — René Journal |

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As of today, we are living in the most comfortable time ever and we are able to gather resources easier than ever before. Still, discussions about freedom are all over the place, personal development can be found on any possible platform and there is more pressure than ever to leave some kind of legacy in this universe. Because of the ever-growing mass of information, our menu of choices has become way too big, neutralizing the effect of the improved convenience the world has offered us. Because of this we all get stuck in our head and we unfortunately feel rather disconnected from each other.

Instead of trying to conquer the world, we will instead communicate the message that the puzzle of life will eventually fall in its place and we should celebrate it along the way by getting closer as a community. We strive to combine this idea with the subjective feeling of art, which has a strong impact on the way that we believe in our concept. It provides a feeling to a person that he or she has never felt before. On top of that the feeling is not only dependent on the person that is experiencing it, but on the period of time they’re in, the place they’re at and even the way they are feeling at that moment.

| 14/02/2020 — René Journal |

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