As of today, we are living in the most comfortable time ever and we are able to gather resources easier than ever before. Still, discussions about freedom are all over the place, personal development can be found on any possible platform and there is more pressure than ever to leave some kind of legacy in this universe. Because of the ever-growing mass of information, our menu of choices has become way too big, neutralizing the effect of the improved convenience the world has offered us. Because of this we all get stuck in our head and we unfortunately feel rather disconnected from each other.

Instead of trying to conquer the world, we will instead communicate the message that the puzzle of life will eventually fall in its place and we should celebrate it along the way by getting closer as a community. We strive to combine this idea with the subjective feeling of art, which has a strong impact on the way that we believe in our concept. It provides a feeling to a person that he or she has never felt before. On top of that the feeling is not only dependent on the person that is experiencing it, but on the period of time they’re in, the place they’re at and even the way they are feeling at that moment.

“We use clothing and music as a vehicle and in later stages a platform that connects the ideas of individuals.”

With our project we would mainly seek to project a sense of infatuation, an expression of extreme love or admiration that we believe is one of the most beautiful feelings ever, exactly because it is so new and unknown. This would initially be created by using clothing and music as a vehicle and in later stages a platform that connects the ideas of individuals in a way that is generated in a warm-hearted society.

We present René as an accessible label where young people can identify with. People with related ambitions are brought together to engage for life itself. Appreciation for each other and the world we live in, expressed by talent and our remarkable way of work, are values we are united in believing in.

14/02/2020 — René Journal