From somebody who was always overwhelmed by the beauty of the outside world, I learned to close my eyes, observing and exploring my inner world too. Now finding ways to translate impressions from inside out and outside in, is very freeing.  When creating, I always like to link analytical ideas with colorful emotions, in a playful yet therapeutic way. When creating together with like-minded persons, I enjoy the relationship growing to a new dimension so much. 

The designs I made for René symbolise the fact that everything we know is changing, nothing is permanent. While letting go of the search for static stability, I find peace in the fact that everything – from the cells in our bodies and the molecules of the bricks of our houses to the social structures we live in now – is in constant motion, all at different pace. To enjoy this ever-evolving transformation instead of resisting it, is manifested in my creations. Being able to move freely and flow on the rhythm of these loops of change, is making me an enormously grateful person. 

To be continued …

Between the barriers, everything is possible. Definitely when you take a moment, consciously choosing to zoom out and see the bigger picture or zoom in and look at yourself, your inner and outer world, to find solutions. Observing things as they are, not as you want them to be, makes it possible to change things gradually without resistance. Accepting the time and space it takes. If you dare to dream and take small steps towards them, your reality and your utopia move closer and closer to each other. Then a closed brick wall can always become an open dotted line again; to be continued… 

Four dance steps to freedom

  1. Imperfect immobilisation 
  2. Important first steps
  3. Impatient exploration
  4. Freedom of movement
  5. Movement for freedom 

This design represents the inner and outer process, growing step by step to freedom. Going from trying to fit into rigid structures and standard straight lines to a more flexible and free way of moving. Get rid of the barriers that these vast forms evoke so we can dance through life, spread the freedom.


A wavy balance

Past patterns
Of preferred perfectionism 
Make room and space and time

For a wavy balance 

A balance between
The silence before the storm 
And the chaos afterwords 

Words after words
That arise
After a moment of reflection 
By the wavy water

While we stare 
At the reflections
Of our hands 
Waving goodbye

Up and down we go
In a wavy life we flow

The wavy balance 
becomes circular 
Because our perspectives 
Change with the moon

So we return
To that wavy water
Ones in a wavy while 

01/06/2021 — René Journal